My Point of Ink

The main page for Fawn Inc a company centered on bringing art to the masses.

I want to launch an invasion.  Powered by my willful spirit and an endearing heart my abilities with a paint brush bring dimension and life to a surface.  

Let me create a story, with the color spectrum blended in the backgrounds, to make your eyes see other places.  The pieces of art are so eclectic that no canvas is ever the same, and that's when true creativity happens.

I fuel my work with powerful colors that impact your eyes to see the beauty and complexity of the painting.  I know how valuable and precious time is, realizing there's never enough when you need it.  But some how Art has a way of making time in everyone's day, all you have to do is pause and look at it.  

 I have been an artist for as long as I could walk.  When I was a teenager I picked up a pen and started doodling, and those playful sketches morphed into paintings.  By the time I graduated high school I was living and breathing art and everything that it encompassed.  I dove into the fields of art and music and noticed their synergy.  My passions drew me to paint and write.  

The world and its movements inspire me daily, either that inspiration comes from my children or my family, it comes non the less and I'm always ready to take it in. 

Let me create something for you.....